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NHIES Data Sets Agriculture    The Annual Agricultural Surveys: 1996 2003    The 1994/1995 Namibia Agricultural Census Annual Report    NSA Annual Report 2012/13 Census    2011 Population and Housing Census indicators    2011 Census Form A    2011 Census Form B1    2011 Census Form B2    2011 Census Form B3    Census Atlas Final    Census Report 8 may 2012    Namibia 2011 Population and Housing Census Regional Tables    Namibia 2011 Population and Housing Census Main Report Labour Force Survey Reports    The Namibia Labour Force Survey 2012 Report    youth-employment Media Releases    Press Release - 15 July 2014    PRESS RELEASE - 15 January 2014    Press release - kick off Agriculture Census 17 February 2014    Press Release - 13 March 2014    Press Statement Rebased National Account -26 March 2014    Press Release - 15 April 2014    Press Release on NCPI    Agric census press release    Press Release - 14 August 2014    Press statement 13 March 2013    PRESS STATEMENT PRELIMINARY NATIONAL ACCOUNTS 2013    PRESS RELEASE_Namibia Labour Force Survey    Press Release - National Accounts 2002 - 2012     NSA Launched the 2013 Labour Force Survey    Labour Force Survey - 9 October 2013    NSA completes training of enumerators for the National Agricultural Census    Media Release 13 Sept 2012    Press_Statement_13_Dec_2012 Methodology and GIS    2006 NIDS Final Report 2010    NIDS Report final revised August 2010 Namibia Household Income & Expenditure Survey    NHIES Executive Summary    NHIES Flyer    Namibia Household Income & Expenditure Survey (NHIES) 2009/2010 National Accounts - Annual    Preliminary Annual National Accounts 2013    NATIONAL ACCOUNTS 2002-2012 JULY     National Accounts 2000-2011    National Accounts 2000- 2010    National Accounts 2000- 2009    National Accounts 2000- 2008    National Accounts 2000-2007 National Accounts - Preliminary    NSA Preliminary monthly July FINAL    PRELIMINARY NATIONAL ACCOUNTS 2012    Preliminary National Accounts 2011    Preliminary National Accounts 2009    Preliminary National Accounts 2008 National Accounts - Quarterly GDP    FIRST QUARTER GDP 2013     First Quarter GDP 2014    FOURTH QUARTER GDP 2012    FIRST QUARTER GDP 2013    SECOND QUARTER GDP 2013    Third Quarter GDP2013   [warning, this files does not exist]    Second Quarter GDP 2012    First Quarter GDP 2012    Third Quarter GDP2012    First Quarter GDP 2011    First Quarter GDP 2010    Second Quarter GDP 2010    First Quarter GDP 2009 Poverty Reports    Poverty Dynamics Report in Namibia    CHILD POVERTY IN NAMIBIA Presentations    Presentation of SGYP Launch    SG Census 2011 Presentation    PPP of The Namibia Labour Force Survey 2012 Report    NCPI Rebase Presentation Price Statistics    Namibia CPI Bulletin April 2014    Namibia CPI Bulletin December 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin January 2014     Namibia CPI Bulletin February 2014    Namibia CPI Bulletin March 2014    Namibia CPI May 2014    Namibia CPI Bulletin June 2014    Namibia CPI Bulletin July 2014    Namibia CPI Bulletin October 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin December 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin January 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin 2013 February    Namibia CPI Bulletin March 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin April 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin May 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin 2013 JUNE    Namibia CPI Bulletin 2013 July    Namibia CPI Bulletin August 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin September 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin October 2013 Rebased    Namibia CPI November 2013    Namibia CPI Bulletin August 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin May 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin March 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin July 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin June 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin April 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin September 2012    Namibia CPI Bulletin 2012 November Profile of Namibia    Profile of Namibia 2013 Regional Profiles    Erongo Regional Profile    Hardap Regional Profile    //Karas Regional Profile    Kavango Regional Profiles    Khomas Regional Profile    Kunene Regional Profile    Erongo New Demarcation Tables    Ohangwena Regional Profile    Omaheke Regional Profile    Hardap New Demarcation Tables    Omusati Regional Profile    Karas New Demarcation Tables    Oshana Regional Profile    Oshikoto Regional Profile    Kavango East New Demarcation Tables    Otjozondjupa Regional Profile    Zambezi Regional Profile    Kavango West New Demarcation Tables    Khomas New DemarcationTables    Kunene New Demarcation Tables    Ohangwena New Demarcation Tables    Omaheke New Demarcation Tables    Omusati New Demarcation Tables    Oshana New Demarcation Tables    Oshikoto New Demarcation table    Otjozondjupa New Demarcation Tables    Zambezi New Demarcation Sectoral Reports     Monthly Mining Report - April 2014     Monthly Tourism Report- April 2014     Monthly Transport Report - April 2014     Monthly Livestock Report - April 2014    Monthly Building Plans - January 2014    Monthly livestock Report - January 2014    Monthly Mining Report - January 2014    Monthly Tourism Report - January 2014    Monthly Transport Report - January 2014     Monthly Building Plans - April 2014    Monthly Tourism Report - February 2014    Monthly livestock Report - February 2014    Monthly Building Plans - February 2014    Monthly Transport Report - February 2014     Monthly Electricity Report - April 2014     Monthly Building Plans - March 2014    Monthly Livestock Report - March 2014    Monthly Transport Report - March 2014    Monthly Mining Report - May 2014    Monthly Livestock Report - May 2014    Monthly Transport Report - May 2014    Monthly Building Plans - May 2014    Monthly Electricity Report - May 2014    Monthly Tourism Report - May 2014     Monthly Tourism Report - June 2014     Monthly Transport Report - June 2014     Monthly Building Plans - June 2014     Monthly Electricity Report - June 2014     Monthly Livestock Report - June 2014     Monthly Mining Report - June 2014    Monthly Building Plans - July 2014    Monthly Livestock Report - July 2014    Monthly Tourism Report- July 2014    Monthly Transport Report- July 2014    Monthly Mining Report- July 2014    Monthly Electricity Report- July 2014     Monthly Electricity Report - March 2014 Speeches    SG speech at Official hand-over of the NSA Annual Report    SG Speech at the Official Opening NHIES Workshop    Speech of the Ambassador for the Launch of Data Center    Vote of Thanks for LAUNCH OF THE 2011 CENSUS BASIC REPORT by Ms. Anna Matabele.pdf    OPENING REMARKS 2011 CENSUS LAUNCH MC 27 MARCH 13    SG speech at Presentation of NSA Annual Report 2012    Key Note Address by the Director-General of the National Planning Commission at the User-Producer Workshop.    Speech by the Director-General NPC at the presentation of the NSA Annual Report    Welcoming Remarks by Paul Hartmann, Chairperson of the Board of the Namibia Statistics Agency, at the Annual General Meeting Statistical Year Book    African_Statistical_Yearbook_2014 Thematic Reports Trade Statistics    Trade Statistics Bulletin September 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin July 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin March 2014    Trade Statistics Bulletin December 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin October 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin January 2014    Trade Statistics Bulletin February 2014    Monthly Tourism. Plans- March 2014    Trade Statistics Bulletin April 2014    Trade Statistics Bulletin May 2014    Trade Statistics Bulletin June 2014    Annual Trade Statistics Bulletin 2012    Trade Statistics Bulletin First Quarter 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin April 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin June 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin May 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin August 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin November 2013    Trade Statistics Bulletin Third Quarter 2012    Trade Statistics Bulletin Second Quarter 2012